Obama's been everywhere, man

I'm writing this from my usual locale -- the wonderful state of Florida where we always vote, but the votes don't always count. It's also the state where our Legislature takes more seriously a bill allowing you to take your gun to work, than it does a bill to make sex acts with animals illegal.

So I'm thinking of my home state lately, as a lot of people are. The Pennsylvania primary is just a couple of weeks away. And look out Hillary ... Barak is gaining on you. Give Obama some time to organize and he can close the gap. But could he actually win in the Keystone State? The Daily News' John Baer thinks so.

Baer is not alone. Earl Pickens also thinks Obama can win too. In this great parody of Johnny Cash's "Everwhere," Pickens names checks all the places, refuting the claim that Pennsylvania is just Pittsburgh and Philly with Alabama in between.

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