I Don't Get It -- CNN's George Lucas-like election coverage

I'm a big fan of MSNBC's evening lineup, especially Rachel Maddow. But I decided to do a bit of switching around Wednesday night, moving from network to network to track the election results.

I think most of the high-tech gadgetry CNN is using was pretty cool and useful, particularly the screens that were able to break down the voting by various subsections and John the Map King's pieces were actually useful, particularly as they showed how President-elect Obama outperformed John Kerry in some very red areas.

But did you see the holograms? Yes, holograms. When I saw reporter Jessica Yellin's 3D replication show up, I thought she was going to take out a light saber on Wolf Blitzer.

Seriously. Did anyone else see it? Was there any reason for it? They talk about how much money was wasted on the campaigns. How much did the hologram thing cost?

I could almost see the pain on Anderson Cooper's face as he said something he probably never thought he'd never say. "Thank you Will.I.am for taking the time to be a hologram."