I Don't Get It -- Racist Restaurant Owner

If you ever come down to Palm Beach County, I have several great restaurants I can recommend.
And one I suggest you not go to.
That would be 264 The Grill.
While the rest of the nation was celebrating Barack Obama's historic election and basking in the glow of new politics, Patricia Gatti, the owner of this casual dining spot was practicing some old racism.
She told her mostly minority employees that if they voted for Obama, they'd be fired. And the day after the election, she wrote KKK on all their timecards, according to the Palm Beach Post. She also, reportedly, wrote White Power on memos and hung it up in several places around the kitchen.
That's the terrifying part.
Now, here's the funny part. You didn't think Gatti would own up to her actions, did you? Guess who she blamed?
Fox News.
Gatti told the Post that she "got crazy watching too much Fox News."
Remember the concern everyone had about the tone of the campaign that John McCain and Sarah Palin were conducting? Well, Fox just fed into that baloney. And this is what you get.
But then Gatti switched gears, telling the Posts' Frank Cerabino that this was all just good-natured ribbing and was never meant to be taken seriously by the help.
Oh I get it. And Ms. Gatti, when I suggested at the start of this article that people never visit your restaurant, which, again is called 264 Grill, I was just doing a little good-natured joshing. That's all.
(Insert your Sarah Palin wink here).