I Don't Get it 2

For those of you who missed last week's edition, this is how this feature works: Basically, these are people, events, things that don't make much sense to me. Click on the link to get the full story, or in the case of the first item, a link to the podcast.

1. Charles Barkley. One of my favorite ex-Sixers is losing a round mound of his money gambling. And he doesn't seem to care. Barkley, who admittedly says a lot of stupid things, told Bob Costas on Now: "I love gambling. It's fun. It's exciting. I don't want to leave all the money to my free-loading family ... I want to be dead broke when I keel over." Not only stupid, but insensitive. Think of all the good things that Mr. Barkley could be doing with that money, instead of throwi
ng it all away.

2. Mitt Romney. I really am trying to keep politics out of this blog. Honestly. But I couldn't let this go. I'm not a Romney fan at all, but I've really been disappointed with all the anti-Mormon sentiment out there since he announced his candidacy. So I looked to last week's speech on religion with anticipation. Would he address the issue as JFK did 40 years ago, by stressing tolerance? Would he defend his own faith? What would he say to those evangelicals, some of whom view his religion as a cult? Mr. Romney said a lot of good things, but in the end his speech became simply a plea to those same evangelicals -- just another step in his effort to capture Iowa. A chance to put the discussion of freedom of -- and, just as importantly, from -- religion was lost. Mitt, you are no JFK.

3. Tasteless Christmas decorations. Look, I can get as tacky as the next person. In fact, tacky is good when you embrace it as tacky. But this holiday season, I keep seeing more unknowingly tacky or tasteless Christmas decorations. On my way to work, I saw a yard that has a traditional nativity scene that is bordered by two inflatable penguins. Their cluelessness amazes me. I live on a great block that goes all-out for Christmas and I commend those who take the time to make our street such a wonderland. It really is beautiful. But if you're like me and haven't put out the lights yet, I suggest that consider the energy you can save by not doing it, then taking the money you saved and buy something for someone who isn't as well-off as you.

Think of it as the anti-Barkley action.

What do you think about this week's rants? Agree? Disagree? What do you not get? Drop in a comment and let me know.