It's Playlist 19, Fo Shizzle

I love "man on the lam" stories. I wish Nick at Nite or another one of the hundred or so cable channels I get would find a spot for the old David Janssen Fugitive series. And while they're at, why not add some Get Smart and the It's the Garry Shandling Show, too?

Now, this week's playlist.

Rogue Male. Geoffrey Household.
Geoffrey Household's 1939 classic is a man on the lam story. The language is a bit outdated, but it doesn't slow the pace of this thriller. The novel opens with the protagonist taking aim at a certain head of state (Hitler, perhaps?) before getting caught by one of the guards. Within a couple pages, he's dangling from a cliff. And from there on, it never lets up.

I have been far too amused with this latest Web fad. Basically, you go to the Gizoogle home page. You paste in a Web site URL. And Gizoogle transliates into how it would sound if it was being read by Snoop Doggy Dogg. And think of all the money you'd save on weed.

Here's a Gizoogled review of Charlatan, which appeared in last week's Playlist.

In My Own Time. Karen Dalton.
In My Own Time was originally released in 1971 and finally made it to compact disc two years ago. My first exposure to Dalton was her version of the traditional Katie Cruel on last year's Oxford Southern American Music Magazine. She tackles country, folk, blues and soul with equal aplomb. You can literally hear the ache in her cracking voice as she makes these songs such as When a Man Makes and, the album highlight, the Band's In a Station all her own.

Hard to Love a Man EP. Mangolia Electric Co.
Magnolia Electric Co. is the talented Jason Molina, who also has released albums under his own name and as Songs:Ohio. Sojourner is a collection of earlier CDs with new music and newer version of older tunes. But it still works as a fine introduction to Molina's brooding country-rock, with the emphasis on rock. Hate to fall prey to the one of the most-often used cliches, but Neil Young is an obvious influence on Molina. On the 2005 Hard to Love, Molina's story-telling skills really stand out on Bowery and 31 Seasons in the Minor Leagues. But the cover of Werewolves of London was unnecessary.