Whole Lotta Love

(Tuesday Treasure is a weekly song that is unheralded, long-lost, or buried somewhere deep on an album, yet deserves another listen.)

Our inaugural Tuesday Treasure is in honor of Tina Turner's recent visit to the West Palm Beach area. Here's a little dose of Tina and Ike doing their funky version of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Check it out -- the first song on the Hear This! over to the right.


This morning, I woke up and drove my son the student to the bus stop. My wife the writer took my other son the student to school and waved to Lori the Principal, then picked up Sandra the piano teacher. And we all went to vote.

I hope everyone today can add "the voter" after their name. If you need a reason to vote, check out Good Magazine's 1001 reasons.