Playlist 2 -- Bleeding Green, No Country for Old Men, more

Hey there. Another week, another Playlist.

A.J. Jacobs. The Year of Living Biblically. A.J. Jacobs is a riot. I dove into this after reading his book The Know-it-All, in which he attempted to become incredibly smart by reading every page of the Encyclopedia Britannica. In this book, A.J. tries to “literally” follow the Bible’s rules for a year. He doesn’t shave. He stones adulterers. He avoids mixed fibers. And he tries not to covet or lie. It’s hilarious. Jacobs is an agnostic, but jumps fully into the role, or should I say robe. The book (A.J.’s) doesn’t disparage religion at all, but puts perspective on the book (that old one that starts with Genesis) and the people who follow it.

Bleeding Green Nation. And speaking of A.J. Want to keep up on the newest quarterback controversy? Here's the site.

Those who know me well, know the Philadelphia Eagles are not just another distraction, they’re my main focus, especially between August and (I always hope) late January. In the Internet and NFL Network age, it’s easy to keep up with the news. But I miss the passion. This Web site brings it all. And unlike many of the Eagle blogs and message boards out there, it’s intelligent. It’s my daily stop to catch up on the Birds.

Now who thinks that great effort against the Patriots is a springboard to a great run? I sure hope so. But being a Philadelphia sports fan for 30+ years has taught me one thing. Don't get don’t get too optimistic. You'll just get your heart broken.

The Red House Painters. Ocean Beach and Songs for a Blue Guitar. This group is really the work of one man Mark Kozelek. And these two albums are muted, yet very memorable. Although the Painters’ sound is distinct, it covers several categories from folk to alternative country to progressive. They can be loud, but also introspective, sometimes on the same song. Ocean Beach is a quieter, more consistent affair. But Songs for a Blue Guitar is more fun. Kozelek loves doing covers (he’s done albums of Modest Mouse and AC/DC songs) and Blue Guitar has three – Silly Love Songs, Long Distance Runaround and a great version of the Cars’ All Mixed Up that you have to hear. Who do the Painters sound like? Hard to pinpoint, but Kozelek has been compared to a combination between Simon and Garfunkel and Neil Young. Check out the Red House Painters My Space page and listen to their cover of Genesis’ Follow You, Follow Me. Favorite Tracks: Have You Forgotten, Make Like Paper, All Mixed Up, Cabezon and Moments.

You can find a lot of The Red House Painters’ music at www.emusic.com.

No Country for Old Men. All right, I haven’t seen this yet. But this trailer has whet my appetite. It looks like the Coen Brothers have done it again. I don’t know anything about the actor Javier Bardem, but based on the trailer he’s nailed Anton Chigurh. If you haven’t read Cormac McCarthy’s book, treat yourself to it. It’s an easy read – much easier than his more acclaimed, but still worthwhile The Road.

T.C. Boyle. East is East. (see last week’s post). Nearing the last 30 pages.

Now you guys tell me. What's on your Playlist?