Parallel Transitional Capability (PTC)

Well, last week I gave you three you reasons to smile. Here are three Web sites that, I hope, will make you chuckle -- even if it's one of the laughs on the inside. These are sites that just haven't made it into the last couple of Playlists.

We know Jon Arbuckle is a loser, but take away Garfield and he's also a schizophrenic, On Garfield Without Garfield they take Garfield comics and strip away Garfield. What's left is sad, lonely and very funny.

I've tried to add more systemized digital flexibility (SDF) to this blog with an optimal third-generation projection (OTP)? Do I sound like a beaureacrat? Or, worse yet, a politician? Well, you can too with Broughton's Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector (SBBP). Type in a three-digit number in the box and you'll be given the kind of technical sounding phrase that means nothing but makes you sound pretty smart. The Denver Post recently mentioned the gibberish-maker in an article on political hyperbole.

The championship is over. No, not the NCAA Tournament, but Lost Madness. For the last two weeks, fans of the TV show lost have been winnowing down their favorite characters out of a field of 64. Set up like the NCAA bracket, it led to some interesting matchups. Jack vs. Sayid; Charlie vs. Faraday. You may be surprised at who won it all.