A Treasure Trove of Garage Rock Bands (Seen)

Garage Hangover Web site

Oh, The Scholars, where are you? You released the wonderful single I Need Your Lovin when I was less than a year old. You put the single out on the Ruby Ray label, which based out of Cornwell Heights/Bensalem, an area just north of my boyhood home in Northeast Philadelphia.

It's a great piece of long-forgotten garage rock.

And it's not the only one. Punk rock lays claim to the "DIY" ethos. But it was really those garage rock bands in the '60s who took matters into their own hands -- learning a few chords here and there. Luck was often the main factor in a song becoming a local hit and one disappearing.

Some of those that disappeared can be found on Garage Hangover, a well-curated Web site by Chas Kit (aka Chris Bishop), a lifelong garage rock fan. It's a great site already, but has the potential to be even better. Bishop is looking for sponsors or grants. If you know of any, give him the lede.

The Web site breaks down garage rock acts by state. Bishop burns the original 45s into MP3s that can be heard as you read about the band's background.

That's how I found The Scholars -- a group made up, like some of my fellow Philly kids, of guys who went to Temple (me) and Drexel (those smarter than me). Bishop has the 45, but little info on the band, except for the name Bernie Winski. Most of the guys were from Port Richmond. Do you know these guys? If so, let me and Bishop know.

You can hear I Need Your Lovin and two other songs on Garage Hangover. Here's how Bishop describes I Need Your Loving ...

Opening with a pounding snare, I Need Your Lovin is intense garage. The sound is dense, with background vocals by the Perenials and heavy swirling organ. A sax solo is followed by some great surf-type runs on the guitar. A remastering from the original tape, if it exists, might really bring out all the elements.

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