I Don't Get It -- Dick Cheney

It's hard to put a happy face on the George W. Bush presidency, what with the costly war, economic failure, attack on science, stupid decision after stupid decision and plain incompetence.
But George W. Bush is at least making an effort. His approval ratings may be hovering lower than Britney Spears IQ, but Bush, it appears, is doing all he can to ensure a smooth change of power. He and his staff have reportedly gone above and beyond in working with President-elect Obama's transition team.
His vice president?
Not so much.
Dick Cheney has stepped out of his lair for some media interviews in the last month. He's been given the opportunity to reflect on the challenges of the last two terms and provide some insight, and some empathy.
A chance to be human.
Instead, Cheney has steadfastly stuck by every decision he's made, regardless of how wrong it seemed then, or how positively disasterous it appears now.
-- The war in Iraq? Cheney still would've done it, even without the shoddy, falsified evidence.
-- Torture? Waterboarding? Cheney approved of them, and still does.
-- Guantanamo? Keep it open.
-- Rumsfeld? He shouldn't have been removed.
-- Using the "f" word on the Senate floor? Patrick Leahy deserved it.
I'm sure if you asked him Cheney about shooting that guy in the face, he'd tell you it was the right thing to do then, and he stands by it.
The only time he kept his mouth shut since leaving the cave, was when he told a reporter that he didn't have any advice for Joe Biden.
And I think we should all be thankful for that.

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