In Totally Platonic Race, DeWitt Creams The Dubliner

OK, so the choices were a literary legend who is quite possibly the most influential writer of the 20th century.
Instead you chose an actress who played second fiddle to Suzanne Somers in the double entendre-filled Three's Company.
You could have chosen a psychologist who became one of America's most beloved advice columnists.
But instead, the majority of you went with the actress whose main film role was a small part in Airplane II: The Sequel, the actress who refused to do any scenes with bare legs, the actress whose only mention in print in the last 20 years has been preceded by the words "What the heck ever happened to ..."
Yes, my lovely Distraction readers. You have chosen Janet Wood, aka Joyce DeWitt by far over James Joyce and Dr. Joyce Brothers in our second Dumb Poll -- Pick a Joyce. The lovely DeWitt finished with 67 percent of the vote.
Thank you for voting. Now please take a few moments over the next couple of weeks and select your Jackson (Michael is not on the list, but brother Tito is. And please note Dawg, there's no Randy on it either. I'm just keeping it real). In the meantime, I'm springing for a couple of rounds over at the Reagle Beagle. Just don't tell Mr. Furley.

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