Dumb Poll Results In -- It's a Presley Landslide

During this election season, Distractions will be holding regular polls. Our first Dumb Poll -- Select an Elvis -- has finished and Distractions is projecting Presley as the winner. Presley gathered 57 percent of the vote. Costello had 35 percent of the vote. And Grbac, the former NFL quarterback, finished a very distant third with just 7 percent.

This raises a couple questions. Would the results be different if it was only the bloated, Vegas Elvis Presley. And who the hell voted for Elvis Grbac?

We hope you'll vote in our second dumb poll -- to the right of the page.

1 comment:

Thomas Caleb Supran said...

Oh, I'm sorry - i thought this was a "dead or alive" poll!

Elvis Presley died on the toilet, Elvis Costello's career went down the toilet when he though he was too good for the Attractions, and Elvis Grbac quarterback skills were... ummm.... hehe!