I Don't Get It -- The Democratic Fight to the End

On the eve of another primary that may once and for all settle up the Democratic nomination, but most likely won't, I return with another I Don't Get It.

1. CNN poll. Each day, I'm inundated on CNN and its Web site with the latest figures of the "national poll" between Hillary Clinton and Barack OBama. I can understand a national poll of how each candidate would do against John McCain. But why each other? It's down to a few states and the national poll has no bearing on the Democratic primary. It's a waste of time.

2. Rev. John Hagee vs. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I've heard just about enough of the Rev. Wright controversy. But why haven't we heard more about the very dangerous Rev. John Hagee? Why doesn't the press dog John McCain about seeking out the endorsement of a man who called the Catholic church a "cult" and the "Great Whore." I found those statements incredibly offensive. And as you can see in this American Prospect article, he was talking about a pre-emptive strike of Iran two years ago. But thank God Hagee cleared it all up for us -- that Barack Obama is not the anti-Christ.

So tomorrow will be another fight to death, this time in Indiana and North Carolina. Wasn't that what Pennsylvania was for. And before that Texas and Ohio. My prediction -- tomorrow's primaries will solve nothing. It's time for the Democratic party to do something to bring this to a resolution.

Three songs: Fighting until the bitter end
I don't know if you've seen Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle's hilarious Bloodfest/Mortalk Kombat report before Texas/Ohio, but it's worth searching out at Dailyshow.com. (Just a heads-up. It's highly inappropriate). And with that I leave you with three songs that mention boxers who died in the ring.

-- Who Killed Davey Moore? Bob Dylan
-- Doo Koo Kim, Sun Kil Moon.
-- Boom Boom Mancini, the late great Warren Zevon. The video below is from the David Letterman show circa 1987.

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